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May 27 – 31, 2018
August 27–30, October 22–25
RED SEA   Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt

Welcome to the RedCcup competitions

RedCcup is THE freediving event in Dahab (Egypt) where we have perfect conditions all year around. We organise this event three times a year and we will place them in line with the big events in the world for two reasons. First so you can prepare yourself best for these events and secondly to get ranking on AIDA to qualify for events like the AIDA World Championships.

RedCcup is organised by Wendy Timmermans and Pim Vermeulen, both are very experienced in organising big events, as athletes, as judges, as instructor trainers, as coaches, etc. Wendy and Pim thrive for perfection something you will notice on these competition series.

RedCcup offers special training days around the competition at a reduced price. We even offer full set-up trainings simulating the competition set-up to be perfectly prepared for the competition.

RedCcup offers photo and / or video package to cover your appearance during the RedCcup.

Contact us if any questions!
Looking forward to see you all in Dahab!

Best Regards,
RedCcup team

+20 100 463 2931

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